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Woodlawn offers a lovely community for both home and business owners. Unfortunately, the fact that it’s so attractive to people makes it just as appealing to rodents, insects, and other invasive pests in the area. Protect your Woodlawn property from the wide variety of pests that also consider this area home by implementing an effective pest control plan from Hello Pest Control.

With over 30 years of combined experience within the pest control industry and a commitment to the communities we serve, we have what it takes to control and eliminate pest problems of any size. If you’re looking for the best, most effective pest control services available in Bronx County, look no further than Hello Pest Control. We’re happy to provide the right solution for all of your residential or commercial pest control needs.

Residential Pest Control In Woodlawn, NY

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Pests are always active and looking for ways to gain easy access to the food, water, and shelter found in your Woodlawn home. The only way to ensure pests never have the opportunity to invade your Woodlawn residential property is to put into place an effective home pest control plan from Hello Pest Control.

Hello Pest Control provides two different residential pest control plans to keep unwanted pests out of your home and away from your family.

Both plans include general pest maintenance, protection from more than 40 common pests, and quarterly exterior treatments. Say goodbye to rodents, insects, spiders, and other pests when you partner with the skilled pest professionals at Hello Pest Control. 

Commercial Pest Control In Woodlawn, NY

Running a successful business takes a lot of patience, hard work, and dedication. But when pests infiltrate your Woodlawn commercial facility and disturb your customers, all of that hard work is wasted. Pest infestations lead to property damage, health risks, and a bad reputation.

Protect your business from destructive and disease-spreading pests by working with Hello Pest Control to implement ongoing commercial pest control services. Our commercial pest control process begins with a detailed inspection to identify current pest pressures and how to eliminate them. Then, we’ll develop a treatment plan based on our findings during the inspection.

Give your Woodlawn business the complete pest protection it needs by reaching out to Hello Pest Control today.

Are Rodents In Woodlawn, NY Dangerous?

Rodents such as mice and rats are some of the most common pests found within Woodlawn homes and businesses. As summer turns to fall and fall to winter, rodents will seek refuge from the cold in our properties.

Once inside, rodents cause numerous problems, including property damage, contamination, and disease. Rodents are dangerous pests that one should take seriously. They spread many harmful diseases, including tularemia, salmonellosis, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and plague.

Without the right protection, rodents can invade your residential or commercial property and make you sick. To remove an existing rodent infestation or prevent one from occurring in the future, the professionals here at Hello Pest Control have a solution. Our rodent control treatment options may include traps, glue boards, and more.

Get in touch with the technicians at Hello Pest Control for rodent control solutions you can trust.

Can Bed Bug Infestations Be Avoided In Woodlawn, NY?

Whether or not you’ve dealt with a bed bug infestation in your Woodlawn property, you’ve probably heard about how difficult it is to get rid of these blood-feeding pests. Bed bugs are unique in the fact that they are only found in and around human dwellings.

Their sole food source is typically the blood of humans, but bed bugs will bite animals if no human host is available. Bed bugs do not have wings and cannot jump, which means their only mode of transportation is hitchhiking. These common pests climb onto your bags and belongings and wait for a ride into your home or business.

Once arriving at your property, it doesn’t take long for bed bugs to start biting, reproducing, and causing serious problems. Avoid dealing with bed bugs in your home or business by following the bed bug prevention tips listed below:

  • Vacuum your carpets and floors frequently to pick up bed bugs brought into your property.
  • Minimize clutter to reduce the number of hiding places bed bugs can crawl into.
  • Inspect used furniture before bringing it into your home or business.
  • Never stay in a hotel or motel room without first checking it for signs of bed bug activity.
  • Avoid setting down your belongings on the floors of high foot-traffic areas, such as schools, libraries, offices, malls, airports, and other public locations.

The most effective way to eliminate bed bugs is with the help of the trained professionals here at Hello Pest Control. We provide both bed bug heat treatments and chemical treatments, depending on your needs.

Contact us today for more information about our K-9 bed bug inspections and effective bed bug treatment options.

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We had a problem with bed bugs before so we know how quickly the problem can get out of control. Luckily, we found out about Hello Pest Control. We called them up and they arranged treatment right away. It’s been over a year and we haven’t seen a trace of a bed bug. Without these guys, we might still be fighting this problem.

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