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Are Bed Bugs Making Your Skin Crawl?

Just hearing about bed bugs is enough to make your skin crawl, but when you suspect that bed bugs have gotten into your home or business, it takes that feeling to a whole new level. Bed bugs are challenging to deal with because they often get into undetected buildings and breed rapidly.

If bed bugs have gotten into your home or business, you need the services of the #1-bed bug exterminator in Westchester County, New York.


Bed Bug Control In Westchester County


We’ll begin your bed bug services with a thorough inspection. Although a bed bug infestation typically starts in just one room, it quickly spreads throughout the building. Our inspection allows us to determine how large your bed bug infestation is and how widespread it has become.

Although we can provide visual inspections, we highly recommend you take advantage of our K-9 inspections. Our dogs have specialized training that enables them to sniff out bed bugs with a high degree of accuracy. By using K-9s for the inspection, we can be even more effective during treatment.


finding a bed bug under a blanket


After your inspection, we’ll provide you with a checklist to complete before treatment. We offer heat and chemical treatments and will discuss the best option for your situation with you.

The amount of time it takes to treat your home or business will vary based on the size of the building but typically takes about half an hour per room. Because bed bugs can travel from room to room through the walls, we recommend a whole house treatment for the best results.


Seven to ten days after your initial treatment, we’ll return to your home or business to perform a follow-up inspection. We’ll look for any signs of bed bug activity, and if we find any, we’ll retreat. This service is part of the initial cost.


Protecting Your Westchester County Home Or Business From Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have become a growing problem all over the United States, and Westchester County is no exception. If you suspect bed bugs have gotten into your home or business, the sooner you take action, the better.

Hello Pest Control offers certified and reliable treatment options to get your bed bug infestation under control. Contact us to schedule an inspection.


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