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Protecting Your New York Business From The Damage Pests Cause

When the reputation of your company is at stake, you take the necessary measures to protect it. A pest infestation is a big cause for concern. Not only will common Westchester County pests sicken your customers, but they can also damage your facility and merchandise. If you need pest control that gets to the root of the problem to provide long-lasting solutions. Hello Pest Control can help!

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Our Commercial Pest Control Process

Your service begins the minute you contact us. We’ll listen to your concerns and schedule an inspection to get a firsthand look at your facility. During the inspection, we’ll thoroughly check areas both inside and out.

These areas include the following:

  • Kitchens
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces
  • The exterior perimeter
  • Lawn areas

During the inspection, we look for active pest infestations and conducive conditions, such as areas of stagnant water, that may lead to future pest problems. Based on our inspection findings, we’ll recommend a pest control plan designed for your business. Once agreed upon, we’ll treat both interior and exterior areas based on your particular pest pressures.

We typically perform follow-up service visits quarterly. We can revise that schedule based on the needs of your business. We’ll make sure to develop a plan that keeps your business protected and pest-free.

Facilities We Service

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Your tenants deserve safe accommodations, but once pests get into one unit, they can quickly spread to others. Protect your apartment complex from pests by partnering with Hello Pest Control.

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Food Services

When you rely on an excellent health inspection grade to keep your restaurant’s reputation intact, you know that a pest infestation can be devastating. Stay pest-free with the help of Hello Pest Control.

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When you work in the healthcare field, everything you do is to protect the health of your patients. A pest infestation can put that health at risk. Protect it by partnering with Hello Pest Control.

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Personal Services

If you run a salon or other personal service business, you know how important it is to maintain a sanitary environment for your customers. Protect your business from pest threats with Hello Pest Control.

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Retail Stores

When pests get into your retail location, they’ll damage your inventory and scare your customers away. Keep your business running smoothly with Hello Pest Control.

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Technology Centers

With a facility full of sensitive electronic equipment, you don’t need pests chewing on wires or a pest control company that doesn’t know how to treat such equipment. Hello Pest Control can help.

Reasons to Choose Hello Pest Control

When the fate of your business is at stake, you need a competent pest control company to handle the job.

Hello Pest Control offers:

  • Customizes services to solve specific pest problems.
  • Roots out pest problems instead of merely treating symptoms.
  • Places high value on superb customer service.
  • Trains and certifies service technicians to be the best in the business.
  • Offers on-call services.
  • Offers emergency services.
  • Has a 30-day pest-free guarantee.

  • Provides free estimates.

  • Offers organic treatment options.

  • Is a member of the National Pest Management Association and the New York Pest Management Association.

  • Has an extensive service area.

Protecting Your Westchester County, NY Business Is Our Business

At Hello Pest Control, we are committed to finding pest control solutions for your business. Whether you want to eliminate an active infestation or want proactive action to prevent pests from getting inside, we offer customized pest control plans designed to protect your business from the problems pests cause. Contact us to schedule your service visit.

We didn’t even think twice about who to contact when we had a problem with termites.

Hello Pest Control always comes through for us.”  Alexander M.

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