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With a location in the heart of Bergen County, the borough of Rutherford boasts a population of more than 18,000 while remaining close to everything, making it one of the most popular locations for residents and business owners alike.
Unfortunately, this also means various pests love to make their presence known, creating a constant need for ongoing pest control services. At Hello Pest Control, we consider your pest problems our problems. We take a measured approach to your pest control needs with thorough inspections and innovative Integrated Pest Management techniques. 
For this reason and more, we consistently remain the go-to for Bergen County pest control. Contact us today to become pest-free in no time and live your best life!

Residential Pest Control In Rutherford

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When pests overrun your home, the last thing you need is more complications. We keep things simple but effective with our residential pest control solutions. To help you realize a pest-free life, we provide two separate programs tailored to your needs:

  • Hello Pest Annual Plan: This is great for people brand-new to pest control and just starting to reclaim their homes.
  • Hello Pest Annual Plan PLUS: You’ll love this plan if you have additional needs or specialty pest concerns.

Don’t waste another minute dealing with pest problems. Contact Hello Pest Control today to explore your residential pest control needs, and we’ll get you pest-free quickly!

Commercial Pest Control In Rutherford

Running your business is a full-time endeavor that doesn’t account for pest problems that spring up seemingly overnight. To make matters worse, those pests often cause property damage and other issues like a bad reputation and contaminated inventory.

At Hello Pest Control, we know that’s unacceptable, so we readily provide commercial pest control services. To ensure success with every treatment, our commercial programs offer the following:

  • 30-day pest-free guarantee
  • All programs are tailored to your unique needs and business type
  • Emergency and same day services are available

We bring a high level of training and decades of combined experience, letting us handle any pest problems you’re facing effectively and quickly. With us, you can get back to business while we keep you pest-free long after the initial treatment.

Keep your business protected with ongoing commercial pest control! Reach out to Hello Pest Control today to discuss your options and take back control of your business!

Everything You Need To Know About Rats In Rutherford

It’s no secret that rodents of any type are unwanted, but New York rats are a serious concern in the Rutherford area. Without staying on top of things, you could quickly be overrun. While this might not seem like too big of a deal, there are things everyone should know:

  • Rats bite: Unlike mice, rats have no problem biting people if they feel threatened or aggressive.
  • Property damage: Thanks to their size, teeth, and claws, rats are more than capable of causing property damage over time.
  • Disease transmission: Rats transmit diseases like rat-bite fever, plague, and other severe conditions.
  • Vectors for other pests: Rats often carry fleas and ticks, making you even more vulnerable to pest problems.

Don’t let any types of rats gain a foothold in your home or place of business. We have the training and resources needed to eliminate your rat problems today while preventing them from returning.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to pests once and for all, reach out to Hello Pest Control today! We’ll get you back to rat and other pest-free for a safe and comfortable environment!

Five Ways You Could Be Wrong About Rutherford Bed Bugs 

Chances are high you’ve heard about bed bugs. To an extent, you might even be prepared. Unfortunately, this pest is still largely unknown, thanks to fading away only to make a comeback in the pest control industry, leading to an increased need for bed bug control. Here are five things you might be wrong about related to bed bugs:

  • Dirty homes required: While dirtier conditions are expected with any pest infestation, bed bugs don’t care about that. All they need is access to blood from the people they bite. This can occur anywhere, including a five-star hotel.
  • Disease transmission: This seems like it would be a thing, but bed bugs aren’t known to transmit any diseases. However, scratched bites can become infected if not treated after. Also, some people may get a rash or slight skin irritation.
  • Only beds matter: This is a common misconception, but in truth, bed bugs are found anywhere in the home once they’ve invaded from light sockets to couches. Also, never assume the infestation is contained in just one room.
  • Mattress covers equal foolproof: While they are very effective, this is not a foolproof solution. It’s always a good idea to supplement with treatment and exclusion. Plus, bed bugs can survive months without food, so it is crucial to use them for at least a year.
  • D.I.Y. is possible: Don’t be fooled by D.I.Y. solutions out there. Bed bugs reproduce way too rapidly, are excellent hiders, and are resistant to most pesticides. Always bring in professionals for effective bed bug control.

If you notice or suspect a bed bug infestation, don’t waste a moment reaching out to our pest professionals. We’ll get you back to bed bug-free with effective bed bug control in no time so you can enjoy the safe and comfortable environment you need!

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We had a problem with bed bugs before so we know how quickly the problem can get out of control. Luckily, we found out about Hello Pest Control. We called them up and they arranged treatment right away. It’s been over a year and we haven’t seen a trace of a bed bug. Without these guys, we might still be fighting this problem.

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