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There was a time when pest control was synonymous with extermination. While Bergen County pest control providers still provide extermination services, the focus is now on preventative pest control to avoid the need for indoor pest control product applications. Today, we’re going to look at how proactive pest management is the best way to deal with pests in Northvale.

Residential Pest Control In Northvale, NJ

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Pest problems can occur at any time. When they appear, they’re a misery to deal with. However, they often make you miserable long before you notice them, or you realize that catching them early would have decreased the misery you’re feeling.


  • When insects, multi-legged bugs, or rodents get into your home, they can contaminate the areas they explore by leaving feces. This can cause frequent stomach illnesses.
  • When cockroaches leave shed skins and waste material in your home, you can have respiratory issues and stomach illness long before you see roaches.

    • When mice or rats get into your walls and nest in your attic spaces, you might not hear them for a while. They can be quite sneaky. While they’re in your walls or attic, they can chew on wiring. This presents a fire hazard.

    • When termite workers come into your yard by the thousands, you won’t see them. They live underground or inside the wood they’re feeding on. If you don’t know to look for shelter tubes, swarmers, swarmer wings, and other warning signs, these insects can damage your property for years, without you knowing.
    • When yellow jackets create a ground nest in your landscaping, you may not notice these tiny pests before you’ve disturbed their nest and created a swarm.

    Home pest control deals with these and other pests before they get into your home and before they surprise you in your yard. At Hello Pest Control, we help Northvale residents proactively deter over 40 pests from creating trouble.

    Commercial Pest Control In Northvale, NJ

    Are you a business owner? If so, Northvale pests can present a unique challenge for you. They don’t just make you miserable, they make your customers and employees miserable. This can have a number of implications, such as:

    • Structural pests damage your property and eat away at your equity.
    • Common household pests can make good tenants move out.
    • Stored product pests can infest products on the way from farm to table.
    • Dirty pests can contaminate food, dishes, and surfaces. This can create bad reviews, increase employee absenteeism, cause you to fail a health audit, and more.
    • Nuisance pests are unsightly and annoying for customers, guests, and tenants.

    When pests appear, it can be long after they have impacted your bottom line and damaged your reputation. Proactive pest control around your business keeps pests out and helps to keep the interior of your business a pest-free zone. One size does not fit all. Contact Hello Pest Control for guidance in getting the right commercial pest control services for your Northvale business.

    The Ultimate Guide In Making Your Northvale Home Unattractive To Rodents

    Do you know that one of the best ways to get control of rodents is to alter conditions that attract them? It’s true. Rodents are drawn to properties that offer the following:

    • The scent of a dirty trash receptacle or recyclable containers
    • Garbage that is unprotected
    • Birdseed on the ground or in bird feeders
    • Nuts and fruit that fall to the ground
    • Puddles and objects that collect rainwater
    • Stacked wood and branch piles
    • Leaf piles and protected voids underneath decks that have leaf litter
    • Voids underneath sheds and other structures
    • Lawn clutter
    • Tall grass
    • Dense vegetation in landscaping

    When you address these and other potential attractants, rodents may avoid your property. There are a few reasons for this:

    • Rodents eat several times a day and they prefer to be near food sources.
    • Rodents can smell decaying organic matter from a distance and are likely to follow their noses onto a property that has anything decaying.
    • Mice and rats have poor eyesight. One of the ways they get around is by using their whiskers. Yard clutter creates an attractive environment because it helps rodents navigate.
    • Mice are timid creatures and they prefer to stay hidden.
    • All creatures need water, and rodents are no exception.

    Take steps to remove attractants. This will reduce mouse and rat activity and reduce your chances of an indoor infestation. The best way to combat rodents is to contact us to get started with our reliable rodent control service.

    Northvale’s Guide To Cockroach Control

    Roaches can seem like mysterious creatures because they get into wall voids and in the gaps between hardwood floors and subflooring. When you go to bed at night, they come out of their hiding places and move about in many places, including kitchens, pantries, and bathrooms. It is difficult to control cockroaches because they have a resistance to pest control products and are able to develop an aversion to bait.

    The first step in cockroach control is not to apply over-the-counter roach control products, but to alter the environment in your home to drive roaches out. This can be effective for certain roach species.

    • Repair leaky faucets and other plumbing issues and install dehumidifiers in areas of your home that stay humid. Some cockroach species are strongly impacted by dry habitats.
    • Deep clean every inch of your home. Roaches feed on food debris, rotting organic matter, hair, dead skin, feces, and more. When you clean, you remove food options.
    • Protect your food. Roaches can chew through paper and cardboard. Store food items in sealed plastic containers to protect them. This will also contain the food scents that will make roaches want to live with you.
    • Guard food. Keep food covered when you leave anything on your counters or stove.
    • Put pet food down only during mealtimes.
    • Clean dirty dishes as you go.

    If you take these steps, you may be amazed by the results. As you win the battle indoors, be sure to also alter exterior conditions and seal potential entry points to keep cockroaches from continuing to get in. When more control is needed, contact Hello Pest Control for effective cockroach control in Northvale, NJ.

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