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Riverdale is a residential area located in the Bronx, a borough of New York City. Despite living in the city, homeowners and business owners still deal with pest problems. Pests of all shapes and sizes are capable of getting into your home or business while searching for easily accessible sources of food.

Keep your Riverdale property free of pests by partnering with the pest control experts here at Hello Pest Control. As a family-owned and operated pest control company, we understand the importance of effective treatments and quality customer service. Get in touch with our pest technicians today to ask about all of our residential and commercial pest control solutions.

Residential Pest Control In Central Riverdale, NY

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Many people believe that the best way to avoid pest problems is to keep their homes clean and tidy. Although keeping your Riverdale home clean is a great way to minimize the chance that pests will invade, the best way to keep your property free of pests is by putting into place a year-round home pest control plan from Hello Pest Control.

Whether you need general pest control services or specialty pest services, our licensed pest technicians have your back. 

We’ve made it our primary goal to keep your home protected from pests by utilizing advanced pest treatments and customized pest control services.

No matter what type of pest control solutions you’re looking for, we have what it takes to deliver. Give us a call today to get started on your journey to a pest-free future. 

Commercial Pest Control In Central Riverdale, NY

Businesses need pest control just as much as homes do. Invading pests are capable of making your customers sick, disturbing your employees, and damaging your property. Keep the area’s toughest pests away from your Riverdale establishment by implementing a high-quality commercial pest control plan from Hello Pest Control.

Our commercial pest control plans begin with a detailed inspection of your property to identify potential pest harborage areas and conducive conditions that could lead to pest problems in the future. Then, we will design a customized commercial pest control plan based on our findings during the inspection.

For more information about our pest control services, partner with the local pest technicians here at Hello Pest Control today. 

Five Ways To Minimize Your Mosquito Exposure In Central Riverdale, NY

Despite our cold winters, the weather in Riverdale still gets warm enough for mosquitoes to become active and cause problems in our lawns. These irritating insects thrive in our warm, humid summers and can cause issues for homeowners and business owners alike.

Not only can they ruin outdoor gatherings and events, but they can also spread all kinds of dangerous diseases, such as malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, Zika virus, chikungunya, and more.

To avoid mosquitoes and all of the problems they cause, it’s important to avoid attracting mosquitoes to your Riverdale property. Minimize your exposure to mosquitoes by following a few of these simple mosquito prevention tips:

  • Always wear insect repellent when you go outdoors and avoid spending time outdoors during dawn and dusk.
  • Install fans around outdoor living areas and amenities to reduce mosquito activity around your property.
  • Find and eliminate all sources of standing water. Mosquitoes need still water to lay their eggs.
  • Trim hedges, overhanging branches, and tall weeds away from your exterior walls, and keep your lawn trimmed short.
  • Remove debris such as sticks, leaves, and other organic matter from your gutters to prevent water from building up.

Like many insect pests, mosquitoes are attracted to properties that provide a lot of excess moisture. If you want to keep your lawn protected from mosquitoes, don’t hesitate to contact Hello Pest Control today. Our goal is to provide excellent mosquito control services and reduce mosquito populations around your Riverdale home or business.

Keep Cockroaches Away From Your Central Riverdale, NY Property

Out of all the pests that could get into your Riverdale home or business, cockroaches are probably one of the most disturbing. They have brown, oval bodies and often live together in large numbers, which means if you see one cockroach in your home, there are likely many more nearby.

In addition to how frightening cockroaches appear, they’re also known to feed on unsanitary materials, such as sewer matter, garbage, carrion, and rotting fruit. When cockroaches invade your property, they can contaminate food items with the bacteria they carry on their legs and bodies.

Prevent cockroaches from getting into your Riverdale home or business by implementing these simple cockroach prevention tips:

  • Keep your garbage cans sealed with tight-fitting lids.
  • Wipe down your counters, and sweep your floors regularly.
  • Take care to clean crumbs out from under heavy appliances, such as ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators.
  • Never leave pet food out unattended.
  • Store food items in airtight containers or the refrigerator.
  • Eliminate excess moisture by repairing leaky pipes.

When cockroaches are causing problems in and around your Riverdale property, your best option is to seek the help of the trained pest professionals here at Hello Pest Control.

Reach out to us today to learn more about all of our effective cockroach control services.

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