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Does Bronxdale Need Pest Control?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should enlist the help of professional pest control services, ask yourself if you want pests invading your Bronx County home and business. Be honest with yourself, and keep in mind that pest infestations can be dangerous, expensive, frustrating, or all of the above. Wouldn’t it be easier to call Hello Pest Control and let us get rid of your pest problems for good?

Residential Pest Control In Bronxdale, NY

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When pests invade your Bronxdale home, they’re either bringing in danger, damage, or both. Plus, many of the most common home invaders in Bronxdale seem like they were designed to infiltrate homes.

Roaches, for instance, can squeeze their bodies into the smallest cracks and crevices, while mice and rats can chew through almost anything to get inside your house.

With the severe threats pests can bring to your property, do you want to leave prevention to chance? Call Hello Pest Control to find out about our home pest control quarterly treatments and professional pest prevention solutions. You can’t beat a guarantee when it comes to protecting your home and family.

Commercial Pest Control In Bronxdale, NY

When it comes to running your business the right way, it starts with excellent customer service. You know that your relationship with your customers drives your business, and customer relations also help build your reputation in the community.

However, one pest sighting can ruin your reputation very quickly, especially in the current social media climate. Pest and rodent infestations can also lead to failed health inspections, an unproductive work environment, and damaged inventory.

That’s why Hello Pest Control offers high-quality commercial pest control services that can guarantee your satisfaction. Our experienced pest technicians will help you create a custom pest protection plan for your facility and identify any factors that could attract undue pest attention.

Give us a call today for the guaranteed protection that only comes with proper professional pest control.

Four Things You Can Do To Avoid Mosquitoes In Bronxdale, NY

You might understand how annoying mosquitoes can be on your outdoor adventures around Bronxdale, but did you know that mosquitoes are actually the most dangerous insects on the planet?

These flying pests will feed on the blood of anything from cattle to humans, and they can transfer diseases from victim to victim. That’s why one in every three hundred mosquito bites results in disease transmission. Some of the more dangerous mosquito-borne illnesses include dengue fever, West Nile virus, and yellow fever.

If you’re a fan of outdoor activities, keep these four tips in mind to avoid attracting mosquitoes as you’re out and about:

  • Avoid wearing dark colors.
  • Limit your use of heavily scented perfumes and shampoos.
  • Steer clear of dawn and dusk activities when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Apply mosquito repellant regularly.

Also, if you are pregnant or have Type O blood, mosquitoes will be even more attracted to you. People with these characteristics need to be especially careful, even in their own backyards. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes on your property, that will be a job for the pros.

While limiting the amount of standing water in the yard can help reduce your chances of an infestation, only professional treatments can break the breeding cycle of mosquitoes in your yard.

Call Hello Pest Control today to get guaranteed protection from these dangerous insects. Our expert technicians can identify potential breeding sites and create a nearly mosquito-free environment on your property with regular treatments. Or we can provide one-time mosquito-reduction services if you are planning an outdoor event.

Signs Rodents Leave Behind In Bronxdale, NY

When rodents enter your Bronxdale home, they can do a lot more damage than you think. Equipped with sharp teeth that can chew through almost anything, rodents can cause expensive damage by gnawing on electrical wiring, AC ducts, linens, laundry, drywall, and more.

Unfortunately, they’re a health threat as well. Rodents like mice and rats can contaminate your food preparation areas and put you at risk of salmonella, E. coli, and other dangerous diseases. Rodents like squirrels and chipmunks, on the other hand, could be a rabies threat to you or your pets.

Since they avoid human interaction and reproduce rapidly within your walls, you’ll never really know how bad a rodent infestation is until you have your home professionally inspected. That’s why it’s crucial to spot signs of a rodent infestation so that you can get the help you need before rodents take over your house.

One of the easiest things to notice is the damage. If you start noticing chewed items like cardboard boxes or even holes chewed in wooden walls, laundry, or linens, then you should call for professional help immediately. Also, rodents will often create nests out of shredded linens in low-traffic areas and leave their feces, which resemble dark grains of rice, in the corners of rooms.

Do-it-yourself methods like traps and poison will be no match for a fast-growing infestation. Instead, call Hello Pest Control for the safest and most effective way to get rid of a rodent infestation.

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