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Effective Pest Control In Bathgate, NY

Located in the heart of the Bronx, Bathgate always has something happening. This lively community is filled with local businesses, corner stores, and friendly neighbors. And with the ability to be in Manhattan with a quick subway ride, many people move to Bathgate for the quiet that it provides. Unfortunately, pest problems can develop easily within homes and businesses, which is why Hello Pest Control is here to lend a hand.

With more than 30 years of combined experience amongst our team, there’s no issue we can’t solve.  We customize every treatment plan that we initiate in order to address the specific issues that our customers face.

And as a family-owned business, we want to see our customers succeed, which is why we provide emergency services, reliable customer service, and flexible scheduling. For more information on effective Bronx County pest control, please contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Bathgate

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When pest problems happen in the home, they can be a serious health risk or cause property damage, and sometimes both. At Hello Pest Control, we make sure that Bathgate homeowners don’t have to deal with pests alone.

As a local, family-owned business, we believe in the importance of a safe home environment, which is something we strive to provide every day. In order to do so, our two key residential programs include:

  • Hello Pest Annual Plan. With quarterly treatments that are focused on the exterior of the home, we’re able to provide protection from over 40 common area pests. Interior treatments are provided on an as-needed basis.
  • Hello Pest Annual Plan PLUS. For the homeowner who wants protection from termites, we also utilize the Advance® Bait System.

No matter what the situation calls for, we can help. Our highly trained team has a combined 30 years of experience and is routinely educated on the industry’s best practices in order to always provide superior service. For more information on residential pest control, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Bathgate 

At Hello Pest Control, we help Bathgate’s businesses say goodbye to pests. As a locally-owned business, we believe in the importance of keeping our community free from pests, which is why we guarantee all of our work and focus on our customers’ safety.

We always begin with an in-depth property inspection and conversation about goals in order to determine how we can best address them. Each of the businesses we work with receives a treatment program that is tailored to their unique needs. This allows us to offer the most effective treatments while also being nimble and making any necessary changes.

With more than 30 years of combined experience amongst our team, we’re ready to work with retail stores, apartment buildings, food service, and more! All of our services are backed by a 30-day pest-free guarantee and our customer support is always reachable and able to answer your questions. For more information on commercial pest control, contact us today. 

The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Bathgate Home Unattractive To Rodents 

Rodents will do everything in their power to invade your Bathgate home. In order to keep them from becoming an issue, try to make your home as unattractive to them as possible using these tips:

  • Keep things clean. It’s imperative that the inside of your home be free from clutter to remove any hiding spots that rodents love. You’ll also want to dust and vacuum regularly to pick up any crumbs and food bits.
  • Limit rodents’ access to food. Rodents aren’t picky about where they get their meals and the food around your home is ideal. Always keep leftovers in secure containers, don’t let the trash pile up, and wash dirty dishes as they accumulate.
  • Rectify moisture issues. Anything from a leaky faucet to a humid basement is enough to attract rodents to your home, so keep crawl spaces well ventilated and repair any drips or leaks.

For more information on rodent prevention, please contact Hello Pest Control today.

A Step-By-Step Cockroach Control Guide For Bathgate Property Owners  

Cockroach infestations can be detrimental to the health of Bathgate residents, which is why preventing them is key. Try this step-by-step guide to avoid an issue with them:

  1. Start by sealing up any gaps or cracks around a foundation. This means checking the areas around doors and windows and looking for even the slightest opening in a foundation and sealing it with materials like silicone-based caulk.
  2. Next, be sure that there are no leaks either inside or outside of your property. If there are any problems with faucets, pipes, or even toilets, they need to be fixed as soon as possible.
  3. Inside the property, it’s important to reduce pockets of clutter that might include stacks of magazines and papers, as well as old packages and other potential hiding spots.
  4. When it comes to food, keep all items, whether in the pantry or kitchen, stored in sturdy containers. Limit the number of places where you eat in order to limit the spread of crumbs.
  5. The most secure way to prevent a cockroach problem is with professional help, so turn to a local pest professional for assistance.

For more information on cockroach prevention, contact Hello Pest Control today.

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