Everything You Should Know About Ant Control In The Bronx

Living in the Bronx is exciting, with plenty of things to do and sights to see, just like anywhere in New York City. It is the third most densely populated county in the U.S. and is home to the New York Yankees.

Unfortunately, it is also home to many types of invasive insects and pests, including ants. Ants are common but troublesome pests. They can contaminate food, pose potential health risks, and damage properties.

The types of ants found most frequently in Bronx homes and properties are: 

  • Odorous house ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Carpenter ants

Hello Pest Control is here to help if you have ants on your property. Feel free to reach out and consult with our team of Bronx pest control experts for advice on how to safeguard your home from these pests.

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How To Identify The Type Of Ant Infesting Your Home

Although all types of ants are problematic when they infest your home, it is important to identify which type you are dealing with. These small insects all look very similar to each other, but subtle differences can be used to tell them apart.

  • Pharoah ants: These ants are the smallest of the group; the typical pharaoh ant size is about 1/32 of an inch in length. Pharaoh ants are yellowish in color and feed on foods high in sugar and protein.
  • Odorous house ants: Odorous ants get their name from their defense mechanism of releasing an odor to deter any predators when threatened and are colored in varying shades of brown and black. These ants feed on sugary foods, and odorous ant sizes are usually between 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch in length.
  • Pavement ants: These ants get their name due to the fact that they tend to build their nests in or around sources of pavement. Pavement ants are also typically dark shades of brown or black and around 1/8 of an inch in length.
  • Carpenter ants: Carpenter ants tunnel inside of wood to build nests which is how they got their name. These are the largest ants of the group, usually between ¼ to ½ of an inch in length, and are found in various shades of black, brown, and orange.

It is essential to take immediate action if you suspect that your property is becoming infested with any type of ant. The longer that an infestation goes on without being treated, the greater the risk becomes.

The Problems Ants Can Cause On Your Property

Although ants do not typically pose a serious direct threat to humans, they can be very problematic, and this is why effective ant control is vital. These ants can become so troublesome because they often live in colonies with up to tens of thousands of ants, which makes it crucial to take action quickly before the colony expands.
An infestation of carpenter ants carries a unique threat due to their nesting behaviors. These ants burrow into any wood that they can find to build their nests, including any wooden parts of your home or property. They will carve tunnels deep into wooden areas of the property, and as the colony grows, they can cause severe structural damage.

However, the main threat that ants pose is the contamination of food in your home. They are attracted to many different sources and types of food, and large numbers of ants become impossible to deal with on your own. 


How To Get Rid Of Ants & Keep Them Away

While a full-on infestation of ants is impossible to take care of on your own, there are practical measures that homeowners can take to reduce the chances of infestation. Practical methods of ant prevention include:

  • Eliminating sources of standing water on your property.
  • Trimming and making sure that trees and other plants are kept from making contact with the house.
  • Sealing any cracks in the walls or other parts of the property that could provide access to ants.
  • Properly storing food and ensuring that uncovered food is not left out.

Taking precautions against ants and other pests is vital in preventing infestations before they occur.


Natural Ant Prevention Tips For Properties In The Bronx

While preventative measures are effective at making your property less attractive for ants to inhabit, it is still possible for it to become infested despite your best efforts. Luckily, Hello Pest control is here to provide effective ant control and eliminate any ant infestations you may be facing.

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