A Handy Guide To Keeping Rats Out Of Your Bronx Home

No one in the Bronx likes pests. This is even truer when it comes to rats. Rats are members of the rodent family and are especially troublesome and drawn to urban areas. Rats are medium-sized and look similar to their cousin the mouse albeit they are much larger.

Rats possess large jaws and a hairless scaly tail. Depending on the species, they come in brown, dark brown, or black coloring with lighter underbellies.

More importantly, they are opportunistic and seek to capitalize on any food, shelter, or water humans provide. As such, rats have been a problem for humans for thousands of years. This close proximity they insist on keeping naturally leads to a range of problems for people.


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What Kinds Of Problems Will I Face?

With rats, there are two types of problems people face. The first and most devastating is the potential for disease transmission. Rats will bite and scratch humans. Even without direct contact they are a host to pathogens and bacteria on their bodies. Finally, they leave behind droppings and urine nearly everywhere they travel.
The worst part is that all these events can transmit various diseases to humans. Some common illnesses associated with rats are lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), black plague, hantavirus, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever.
In addition to the health threat they present, rats are also famous for their ability to cause property damage. They scurry and crawl over multiple surfaces leaving behind scratches. However, the real problem comes from their constant need to chew.

Their teeth never stop growing, which is why they will chew through wires, flooring, drywall, and anything else they have access to. That’s why in addition to physical damage other issues such as short circuits or fires often happen with a rat infestation.

How To Prevent Rats From Getting Inside

Rats, like other members of the rodent species, reproduce rapidly and are sneaky. For these reasons and more it’s simply best to focus on rat prevention instead of rat control if possible. To that end, we have collected some of the best rat prevention tips available, which include:

  • Food And Water: Rats need water just like other mammals. They also really like our food. That’s why it’s important to practice proper food storage in addition to ensuring leaks and standing water aren’t present on the property.
  • Sanitation: Rats are drawn to clutter and generally dirty surroundings. Not only does it help them hide, but it also signals there might be food or shelter nearby.
  • Secure Trash: Rats like to get into your trash since it usually contains food items. One of the best things you can do is to invest in metal trash cans that have secure lids so that rats can’t crawl or chew their way into the garbage.
  • Seal Up The Entry Points: Despite their status as a medium-sized rodent, rats are capable of fitting through holes the size of a quarter. As such, it’s vital to inspect your property for any existing holes and seal them to ensure rats can’t get inside.

When sealing or closing off access to the house, be sure to use metal or steel wool since they are a material that can’t be gnawed through by rats. Materials such as plastic, wood, or other organic materials are easy pickings for these rodents.


Rat Control With Hello Pest Control

When you hear scratching in the walls or notice droppings in the house, you likely have a rat infestation. With rats, the threat to your health and safety cannot be understated.

That’s why our team is committed to providing the rat control solutions you need to ensure you are rodent-free in the future. Not only do we tackle the existing problem, but we also prevent re-infestation by utilizing support services to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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