How Bad Is It To Have Bed Bugs In My Bronx Home?

It’s always bad to have bed bugs in your home – in the Bronx or anywhere else! While bed bugs don’t spread diseases like mosquitoes or ticks, they do drive you nuts. They can also be a considerable threat to homeowners’ sanity, businesses’ reputations, and their bottom lines.

A hotel or medical facility with a bed bug problem is a business with no customers. That’s why pest control in the Bronx is vital to make sure your home and commercial space stay free of bed bugs.

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How To Identify Bed Bugs In Your Bronx Home

Bed bug signs can be subtle at first. They don’t have to feed often, so that you might attribute their bites to a night outside or your dog’s fleas.

Bed bugs also hide very well, and they breed slowly and steadily, so they can infest your home for months and even years before you realize there’s a problem. This is why an annual home pest control inspection is key to catching bed bugs and other insidious pests early.

Once your bed bug infestation is established, you’ll start seeing less subtle signs.

These include: 

  • Bed bug feces (look similar to coffee grains)
  • Bed bug eggs (look like tiny sesame seeds)
  • Tiny brown spots on sheets – this is blood waste from bed bug meals
  • Bites that cluster where your body meets the bed
  • Exoskeletons in beds and on furniture

You may also notice live bugs. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are not microscopic. They look sort of like tiny ticks or an oblong coin, flat and oval-shaped. They become more cylindrical after they’ve fed. If you’re looking for live bed bugs, search inside the folds of your mattress, under zipper covers, and beneath buttons.

What A Bed Bug Infestation Is Like In The Bronx

Bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease, but they do have other dangers. For homeowners, a bed bug infestation can ruin furniture and necessitate the destruction of clothing and even irreplaceable valuables.

Bed bugs can hide in so much more than the bed – they can hide anywhere, which is one of the things that makes bed bug control so tricky.

Bed bugs can also impact your health by tampering with your sleep. Knowing you’re sleeping in bed with many bugs that will leave you with itchy bites can reduce your sleep quality and quantity. Eventually, sleep disturbance can lead to serious health problems. Severe bed bug infestations have also been linked to increased anxiety and mental health issues.



Why Bed Bug Infestations Are So Easy To Spread In The Bronx

Bed bug pest control is a significant problem in the Bronx because of the way bed bugs spread. They jump from place to place primarily through travel. That means whether you’re hopping on an airplane or using the subway or the bus, you could potentially be exposing yourself to bed bugs.

Not to mention the potential to pick them up if you stay in a hotel. Secondhand shopping is another major way to get bed bugs. That means popular places like flea markets, antique shops, and thrift stores can potentially lead to bed bug infestation. 

What To Do If You Find Bed Bugs In Your Bronx Home

Bed bug control is not cheap. Whether you’re getting bed bug fumigation or heat treatment, these solutions can quickly run into the thousands. Catching an infestation early might mean the difference between needing a few spot treatments instead of bed bug fumigation or heat treatment for your whole house.

That’s where Hello Pest Control comes in. Our residential and commercial pest control solutions include bed bug prevention and treatment. So give us a call or visit our contact page to schedule your home pest inspection today!


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