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a wasp that landed on a flower bud

How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Bronx, NY Yard


Few Bronx residents can enjoy their yards because of flying pests. Business owners will have a difficult time having events to draw customers and investors with buzzing bugs in the air. They can’t afford for people to be bitten or stung.... Read More

fire ants outside of a home

Why Ants Invade Bronx Homes And What To Do About It  


Let’s take a moment to talk about pests we never take the time to notice, but probably have the most of in the yard: the humble ant. Ants are about as wildly variegated as pests could be. Some are cream-colored, others are red, many are black, and a few in between have multiple colors. But the differences run deeper than that. Some ants are dangerous, and some are not. In the end, almost all ants are hard to get rid of, especially once t... Read More

bed bug crawling on human skin

How To Tell If Your Bronx Home Has A Bed Bug Problem 


Any number of things could be biting you during the night. Is it a flea? Is it a mite? Or it is the worst possible scenario: a bed bug? Bed bugs can sometimes be difficult to identify, especially due to their small sizes and nondescript forms.... Read More

bed bug on larva on a bed

How Do Bed Bugs Get Into Bronx Homes?


Everyone loves laying in a warm bed, and that includes bed bugs. These pests are notorious for disturbing sleep, and thriving in your Bronx home no matter how many times you wash your sheets. Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs or worried about them invading, here’s how these nasty critters end up in your Bronx home. ... Read More

a norway rat in a kicthen

A Handy Guide To Keeping Rats Out Of Your Bronx Home


No one in the Bronx likes pests. This is even truer when it comes to rats. Rats are members of the rodent family and are especially troublesome and drawn to urban areas. Rats are medium-sized and look similar to their cousin the mouse albeit they are much larger.... Read More


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