Why Pro Mosquito Control Is The Way To Go For Your Bronx Property


Mosquitoes are irritating. When they come onto your Bronx property, they can make outdoor activities miserable. They'll have you dancing, swaying, and wiggling to keep them off your skin. But all of that movement won't be enough to deter them. They find ways to bite you. Do you know why? It is because mosquitoes draw blood for the purpose of reproduction. If they don't reproduce, their species will die off. That is a strong motivator. Let's take a look at some ways Bronx residents try to prevent mosquito bites and discuss why professional mosquito control is the best option.

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The Problem With Repellents

There are many things that can repel mosquitoes. You may be using a combination of these to prevent bites right now.

Torches and candles. Mosquitoes don't like the stinky smoke created by these products. But, as you're probably aware, a breeze can cause the smoke to be blown away from where you're standing or sitting. The same is true of smoke from a campfire. These don't work to keep mosquitoes from biting you, plus they smell bad.

Bug zappers. There are devices that can lure mosquitoes into them and kill them with electricity. Unfortunately, studies have shown that while these devices attract male and female mosquitoes, they are only effective at killing male mosquitoes, which don't bite.

Bug spray. One of the best ways to prevent mosquito bites is to spray something on your skin or clothing. If you use natural sprays derived from oil of lemon eucalyptus, lavender, marigold, or others, these can wear out quickly and leave you vulnerable. If you use synthetic sprays, these can be gross to have on you, especially if you want to enjoy food off your backyard grill.

A Better Solution

The mosquitoes that bite you in your yard are mostly mosquitoes that hatched in your yard. Mosquitoes aren't the best flyers. They typically hang out near their breeding site. So, addressing breeding sites in your yard can reduce mosquitoes and the bites they inflict.

  • Address conditions that cause standing water on the ground.

  • Remove objects from your yard that capture rainwater.

  • Dump water out weekly so that mosquitoes don't have time to develop from eggs to flying (and biting) adults.

An Even Better Solution

When you invest in mosquito control, you get routine visits from a pest professional. During these visits, an EPA-approved product is applied to key areas where mosquitoes rest. Since mosquitoes aren't great flyers, they rest most of the time. Imagine one female mosquito entering your yard from your neighbor's yard. She has the ability to lay 100 eggs at a time. If she rests in an area that has been treated, she won't live long enough to lay those 100 eggs, and you'll have 100 fewer mosquitoes buzzing around in your yard when you go outside. The best part is that you don't have to use stinky torches and candles or apply chemicals to your skin and clothing. You get fewer bites because you have fewer mosquitoes! In some circumstances, mosquito activity can drop to zero. While we can't guarantee this outcome, it is important to understand just how powerful mosquito control can be.

If you've been thinking about investing in a pest control plan for your Bronx property, let those mosquitoes be your inspiration. Not only do they cause itchy bites, but they can also be a serious danger to your health. Most of the time, mosquito-borne illness is like getting the common cold or flu virus. But, in rare cases, serious illness and even death can occur. Mitigate the risks by reaching out to Hello Pest Control today. We'll guide you in finding the right plan for you and your family. 

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