One Simple & Smart Spider-Prevention Tip For Bronx Homes


What is the one simple and smart tip that will keep spiders out of your Bronx home? It has to do with webs. They dangle from ceilings. They collect in window and sliding glass door voids. They cover landscape vegetation and create barriers between our bushes and our plants. Spider webs can be found in many places and they can be super annoying to deal with. Today, we're going to discuss how spiders create webs, why it is important to quickly remove webs, and what impact it will have on spider populations around your Bronx home.

spider hanging in web

Why Spiders Create Webs  

Most spiders in our area create webs for the same reason; they use their webs to catch food. If you're seeing spider webs, there is a good chance you have another pest problem because all spiders in the Bronx are drawn to locations that have food.

Another reason spiders create webs is that they offer protected places to make egg sacs. This is very important for outdoor spiders because there are many predators outside, but even some common house spiders create egg sacs on their webs.   

There are other reasons spiders create webs but we're going to zero in on these two reasons because they have to do with spider control.

Why It Is Important To Remove Spider Webs Quickly

Whether you're looking to deter outdoors spiders or common house spiders, it is essential to remove webs as quickly as possible. While spider webs offer some pest control, they don't make up for the fact that a spider can create an egg sac with hundreds of eggs in it. When these eggs hatch, the spiders near your house and the spiders in your house are going to increase by a significant number. When you remove exterior spider webs, you reduce the number of spiders trying to get into your home.
Spiders prefer to live in undisturbed areas. If you remove a web, you send a signal to the spider that the exterior or interior of your home is not ideal for hunting. This can have a greater impact than you might think. Removing webs can actually work to get rid of spiders.

An obvious reason to get rid of spider webs is that they're ugly. But, if this is your only reason for getting rid of them, you might decide to leave them around for the pest control benefits. We don't recommend this. Spiders aren't dedicated pest control professionals. They're only going to provide a small pest control benefit. It is far better to hire a licensed "human" pest professional for the management of pests.

Get Rid Of Spiders By Getting Rid Of Webs

When you actively remove webs and crush egg sacs you find, you deter spiders and limit spider populations. This will put you on a good track to get rid of spiders in your house. If you want more control of scary spiders, here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep things as clean as possible. This will reduce insect activity and deter the spiders that eat insects.
  • Make sure all your screens are in good working condition. This keeps insects and spiders out.
  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps, cracks and holes in your exterior walls and foundation. This helps to prevent accidental entry.
  • Keep the lights off outside, or replace white bulbs with yellow bulbs. Insects can't see yellow light and are therefore not attracted to it.
  • Trim bushes and other landscape vegetation away from your exterior.
  • Reduce moisture near your exterior walls. One way to do this is to remove clogs in your gutter system, or make repairs to prevent rainwater from leaking out.

General Pest Control To Address All Spiders 

When you invest in a residential pest control program, you get control of the pests that spiders eat. This will reduce spiders around your home and prevent them from getting inside and making unwanted appearances in your common areas. You'll also get spider web removal as a part of your pest control plan. Spider webs are removed during your routine service visits. This works to directly target spiders. If you'd like to learn about home pest control or commercial pest control service options for your Bronx property, we'd love the opportunity to speak with you. Reach out to us here at Hello Pest Control for assistance. We can help. 

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